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Pool Landscaping Ideas—sure why not!

It is indeed our favorite thing to discuss, and there is nothing even wrong with turning your pool into a true oasis, or something that can take your backyard to the next level. Aromatic flowers, upgraded pavers, seating areas, and lighting—you can do more than you think with the right kind of pool landscaping ideas.

Landscaping does not truly mean just adding plants, flowers, and rocks—it’s much more than that. Well, you have to be smart with a combination of poolside hardscaping and softscaping elements. However, you can incorporate even a concrete water pit to make your pool truly feel like a paradise.

It is not necessary that the pool landscaping will cost you an arm and will break your bank. Pool landscaping ideas do not have to be difficult; you do a low-maintenance flower bed, add poolside plants, an accent wall, and some good lighting. Outdoor pool decor is the best thing you can do to make your space more inviting. In this guide, we will explore the 12 best pool landscaping ideas to pool lighting ideas—let’s dive into the freshness of an oasis.

 What is Pool Landscaping?

Pool Landscaping, also known as pool scaping is used to describe the surroundings of a pool. Whether indoor or outdoor—it comes from the industry of landscaping. There are different pool landscaping ideas—from minimalist to extravagant. It includes adding plants, a patio, a deck, adding water features, and decoration; depending upon individual preference. Well, you can elevate the landscape of your pool to any design, style, and as per your budget. However, you can even do water-feature landscaping.  Below are some happening pool landscaping ideas that will surely turn your head.

1. Jungle Themed Plants:

Does Masai Mara feel? Why not, by incorporating jungle-themed plants around your pool you can truly create something like a wild outdoor-themed pool. People will be in awe thinking whether they are in your backyard or on a tropical island. Choosing the plants depends upon your climate.

Furthermore, you can enhance the aesthetics by adding ferns, hostas, and hibiscus. Not to mention, you can even add palms that are known to tolerate sub-zero temperatures. Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and palm trees—perfect for creating an exotic feel for a summer day. Tropical pool landscaping is indeed one of the most happening ideas and it won’t be really heavy on the pocket as well.

2. Rock Wall:

Elevated rockers around the edges enhance the overall landscape of the pool. No need to add humongous rocks or huge sculptures; simply add rocks directly into the design of your pool during the construction. However, it can be done after the construction as well; if you are retrofitting an existing pool; add both real and artificial boulders with built-in speakers. Hence, the rock-themed pool landscape gives a natural look, and when the water splashes over the rock the earthy fragrance gushes all over the poolside.

3. Resort Landscape:

Nobody minds an aesthetic-looking outdoor pool space. There are tons of backyard pool designs, and one of the favorite and recommended pool landscape ideas is resort-themed.

You can give a focal point with eye-catching planters, blue tiles, flowers, or adding trees will look good. The planters will give an instant resort look to your pool area. Again, if you want a more dramatic look—-add a juice bar and a glass door area for showers. Add coconut umbrellas for a wow factor.

 4. Lounging Space:

How about a poolside cabana space? The thought of transforming your poolside into a lounge space seems expensive—but it is not. With smartness, you can easily transform your pool area into a private deck.

It is indeed one of the most unique pool deck landscaping ideas. Add a sail shade and bring in some lounging chairs. Further, you can even build a completely open-air pool house that you experience at 5-star resorts. Add a bar in the same area—and you will get some real resort vibes in the comfort of your home.

 5. Wooden Deck:

This has to be our favorite because wooden decks look aesthetic and add a wow factor to the overall look of the pool area. In addition, you can use mixed materials to transform your poolside. Add interesting elements to your landscaping.

Even an elevated floating wooden deck right next to the pool will offer additional space. You can add a patio table and chairs to get the poolside dining space.

 6. Zen Garden Escape:

This is a hit poolside landscape idea, creating a peaceful atmosphere with aesthetic elements such as bamboo, maples, and a koi pond.

This idea is unique and will make your poolside look bigger. You can even incorporate stones for a more Zen-inspired space.

7.  Contemporary Desert Oasis:

Contemporary desert oasis seems like a different idea, but if you are a fan of such landscapes; then you can easily transform your area by adding succulents, cacti, and drought-tolerant plants. Use earthy tones for the paints and furniture, and keep everything minimalist to give the core desert vibes.

8.  Whimsical Decor:

Who minds a cottage garden charmed-themed poolside? Right out of a movie scene, and you create your poolside in such a manner by adding whimsical decor. Colorful flowers, climbing vines, and a picket fence.

However, if you want pool fence landscaping, you achieve it aesthetically by combining it with a charming touch.

9.  Mediterranean Retreat:

Terra cotta plants, olive trees, lavender, hibiscus, eucalyptus—-how about the Mediterranean? You do not need to go extra for a Mediterranean landscape; simply use warm and earthy tones for the furniture and tiles.

However, no need for fancy touch-ups; just simply follow a Mediterranean theme.

10.  Modern Minimalism:

The combination of modern and minimalism is the best way to get the most out of the poolside. In addition, you can simply go for clear lines or maybe a little abstract with minimalistic design. Again, your furniture will be decent and sleek; choose a neutral color for a more contemporary look.

 11.  Built-In firepit:

There are tons of pool garden designs, you just need to sort out your preferences. If you are someone who uses their backyard for social gatherings, you can create a more inviting space by adding a built-in firepit to your poolside landscaping. Create a priceless entertaining experience for all your guests.

12.  Formal Garden:

If you love order and elegance, then a formal garden may be your pick. The formal garden pool landscaping with manicured plants, hedges, and topiary looks picture-perfect. However, you can create an environment that reflects your beauty and elegance.

Advantages of Pool Landscaping:

1. Aesthetics:

Quality pool landscaping can make a world of difference to your outdoor space by adding beauty all over. It converts the pool area into an eye-appealing focus in your backyard.

2. Increased Property Value:

A landscaped pool can increase the value of your property. Buying a pool landscape is an attractive element among potential buyers.

3. Improved Privacy:

The pool area may seem enclosed in privacy by using strategic landscaping features like trees, shrubs, and fences. Therefore, it provides a sense of privacy, so you can enjoy the pool without being watched by neighbors or passersby

4. Functional Shade and Cooling:

The use of trees and other landscaping elements can provide shade around the pool thus making it pleasant to enjoy during hot times. However, this shade not only makes a pool more pleasant but also keeps the surrounding areas cool.

5. Reduced Heat Island Effect:

Heat island effects on large paved surfaces can be reduced by planting vegetation near the pool. Plants absorb sunlight and give off water in a process known as transpiration, helping to create cooler microclimates.

6. Wildlife Attraction:

A properly landscaped swimming pool provides a natural and living aspect to the expanse, acting as an attraction for wild creatures such as birds and butterflies.

7. Erosion Control:

Landscaping features such as plants and mulch may also play a role in soil erosion runoff prevention near the pool area. This is more vital in rainy areas or sloping landscapes.

8. Safety Features:

Landscaping can improve the safety of pool surroundings. For instance, installing anti-slip surfaces, appropriate lighting, and designated routes are ways through which the occurrence of accidents can be minimized.

In a Pool:

Your head must be spinning after reading all the unique and different pool landscaping ideas—-we do not blame you. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can easily transform it into a breathtaking paradise. Whether you want to have a tropical paradise or a Zen Garden Escape; with the right pool landscaping you can enjoy it for years to come.


What is the purpose of landscaping?

Pool landscaping enhances the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces. You can transform your pool space into a literal tropical island. Moreover, it also provides shade and privacy.

How can I choose the right plants for pool landscaping?

Well, this depends from region to region. But, generally consider factors such as climate, and maintenance, and also get non-invasive plants with minimal shedding.

Consider factors such as local climate, maintenance requirements, and potential for debris. opt for non-invasive plants with minimal shedding.

What safety features should be considered in pool landscaping?

This depends upon the type of pool landscape. However, you must include non-slip surfaces, and proper pathways, and also secure the fences around the pool.

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