Automatic Pool

  • Automated safety pool covers for effortless protection and access.
  • Energy-efficient options to extend your swimming season economically.
  • Safety covers to prevent accidents and reduce maintenance needs.
  • Stylish and durable designs that enhance your pool’s aesthetics.

Automate Your Pool's Protection

Downespool offers a versatile array of pool covers, including retractable pool covers,
electric pool covers, and auto pool covers. Experience pool protection reimagined,
combining safety and automation for hassle-free pool ownership.
Unveil the ease of keeping your pool secure and pristine.

Safety Pool Cover

Automatic Pool Covers

At Downspool, we know that protecting your pool is just as important as enjoying it. Our Automatic Pool Covers introduce a range of high-quality solutions to safeguard your investment and keep your pool pristine.

Our pool covers offer both safety and convenience. We provide automatic pool covers that can be effortlessly opened or closed, ensuring that your pool is easily accessible when you want to take a dip. These covers not only prevent accidents but also keep debris and leaves out of your pool, reducing maintenance.

For those who seek energy efficiency, our thermal pool covers help conserve heat, reducing your energy costs and extending your swimming season. We also offer solar covers to harness the sun’s energy to warm your pool naturally.

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Automated Inground Pool Covers

Explore our range of automatic pool covers for inground pools at Downspool. Our automatic inground pool cover solutions offer convenience, safety, and energy efficiency. Discover pool protection reimagined.

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We have been in the business since 1970 with a clear record of proven results.
We just don’t build pools we build long-term connections.
We have a dedicated team of factory-trained technicians of around 40+.
Explore a wide range of options with Downespool!

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